Alexa Ranking

Alexa ranking is an important factor in ranking well and becoming a known website. Alexa measures your traffic and compare them to other websites across the globe. In order to get data and compare your site, you need to pay monthly. Paying for the basic pack is an option, so you would get an idea of your traffic compared to the world.

If you already had an account, here are some tips to increase your alexa ranking:


1. Using traffic exchange

Using traffic exchange means you will visit other websites and those website owners will visit yours. You will see a big boost in your ranking. My personal favorite traffic exchanges are HitLeap and Otohits. Of course this mean spending some resources on electricity and running your computer but HitLeap and Otohits have automated surfing so you don’t need to worry about clicking links every 10 seconds. Their advantage includes selecting the amount of time surfers spend at your site, referrer (HitLeap let you on Premium mode).

2. Advertisements

Sure, this costs money. but as you know, it is effective. You could get people to promote you for money, you could pay for an Adword or Adsense campaign and get traffic this way. this will (unlike traffic exchanges) get you sales as well since visitors saw you as something interesting! Thought so, this can cost you some money and only increases alexa rank by a bit.

3. Search Engine Optimization

A case study showed that the results on the first page of search engines get 91% of the traffic, and the top three gets 70%! By performing SEO, you will get pushed up and therefore receiving more hits, getting more visitors, and engaging more with people. This is free but difficult unless you had experiences doing SEO, but plenty of resources about SEO are floating around the internet. We will soon be posting contents about pushing your website to the first page.

4. Social Presence

Getting a Facebook page or a YouTube channel of your own is easy. You can then start promoting your own contents with it. Some way to get your channel/page to become popular are like and subscribe exchanges. LikesTool and Like4Like will help you with that. REMEMBER: USE A DIFFERENT SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT FOR YOUR LIKESTOOL AND LIKE4LIKE ACTIVITIES!


In conclusion, boosting Alexa rank is important since they help you rank on search engines as well as get more sales.


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