Top 5 way to remain anonymous online

Nowaday, nothing is safe. Even the most secured network could be hijacked. Now you, an easy target could be hijacked pretty easily. s today, I will show you how to protect your information from hackers and spies!

1.Using HTTPS

When you visit a site, your data could be captured quit easily using tools like FireSheep or WireShark. However, there is a solution to this problem. When you use HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP, your data will be encrypted and therefore preventing password-sniffing. A plugin to help you is HTTPS Everywhere created by the EFF. This could prevent most sniffer from gaining access to your data.

2. Using VPNs

Another great way to guard your data is to use VPNs. These create an additional layer between you and the site you are visiting. They often encrypt your data and also hide your IP address. Some trusted VPNs are CyberChost, IPVanish. But some VPNs are harmful! They might be monitoring your traffic and/or stealing data and credentials! Also, free VPNs tends to log your information and sell them to anyone interested. So by paying a few bucks a month, you will be untraceable via their network.

3. Using KeyScrambler

KeyScrambler is a neat app that scrambles your key and therefore preventing key loggers from stealing your information. It scrambles all of your key so if you type in “”, key logger viruses will see something like “fa’/asdf4*&”. They have a free version and a paid one, however the free version have enough features for basic users. Visit them at qfxsoftware.

4. Anonymous Browsing mode and special browsers

Most browser have anonymous browsing mode built-in. Google Chrome has Incognito mode, Firefox have Anonymous browsing,… Use this feature whenever possible.  Note, however that this is not completely bulletproof since “super cookies” could still track you. Therefore, you could also give a dedicated browser for your private browsing. Read more about super cookies at Techopedia.  Using anonymous browsers might help as well. Check out Tor Browser and Epic Browser. Epic Browser is great because the proxy is fast and the browser automatically kills trackers, hence adding a layer of protection to your information.

5. Use a public computer

Go to the library near your house! There are probably computers there. Computer stores might also have demo computers that you can use. This will boost your privacy a lot since you will appear as “someone at a public computer” instead of “Someone at Joe’s house that’s probably Joe” (assuming you are Joe).

So that’s it for protecting yourself from online spies and trackers.